Worst Blogger = me

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My pile of Halloween spider rings in front of my box of Christmas ornaments

So if anyone has noticed. . . . I haven't been blogging. Boo. . . . .

But I got my second (or third, or fourth) wind. I swear!!
(Sorry guys, but my life is kinda boring. . . . hence the name of the blog. Get it? Get it?)

But just to clue you guys in on how disorganized I am, I still haven't put up my Halloween decorations yet, and Thanksgiving is in 3 days. And instead of putting up my Halloween decorations first, before putting up other holiday decorations, I of course have all the decor in a hodge podge on my kitchen table.

But to be fair, I've been out of the country for two weeks. . . . That's a good enough excuse. . . . . right?
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