Birds and Gummy Bears

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Got home too late for sunny outdoor cheery pics, so asked The Boyfriend to take some artsy nighttime shots. He decided to wait until I was munching on gummy bears to get into photographer mode. Yay gummy bear teeth.


Last weekend I bought this ring from a vendor at Addison's Oktoberfest. I "had to have" it because it was so unique looking. Plus it kinda looked like a blue egg in a wire birds nest. I don't have a thing for birds, but something must've happened at Oktoberfest. I'm assuming it was the beer.

So I decided to show off my new ring today. I decided to go with the whole bird theme with these feather earrings that I always forget I own.

Today is day 2 of not having any clean jeans to wear, thus the cords. I should probably finish doing my laundry. . . .

peasant top: Zara, corduroy pants: J Crew, earrings: Forever 21, ring: MJM Jewelry, shoes: bought in Taiwan

I've had these slide on moccasins since high school (probably around 10 years). I bought them in Taiwan, and was so upset when the strap broke one night in college when I got a little. . . . inebriated with the ex. Stupid good for nothing ex, breaking my shoes and such. Good thing there are such things as shoe repairmen.

I've decided that having a job is unhealthy. Partially because I see so little sunlight that I'm turning into a vampire (and no, I don't read/watch the Twilight books/movies) but mostly because my tolerance for alcohol has gotten exponentially high lately, thanks to my 5 glasses of wine a day habit. Today, I decided to mix it up a bit, and chose gummy bears as my new vice. Of course once the 99 cent bag of gummy bears was gone, I may or may not have taken a beer out of the fridge. I didn't drink it though. Promise. The sun just evaporated all of the beer right out of the bottle. The sun that had already set by the time I came home from work. . . . . . . . .


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The Boyfriend just had his housewarming party (oh yeah, did I mention The Boyfriend bought a house?). I tried to be a domestic superwoman, so when the party guests asked if they could bring anything, I said, JUST YOURSELF!! And maybe some tortilla chips.

So. . . . EVERYONE brought tortilla chips. And even though there were 2 party dips, guac, and salsa, we still had 7 bags of tortilla chips leftover.

Conundrum #1: What do you do with 7 bags of tortilla chips?

Well, in our case, we spend days and days and days eating salsa. And then I decided to make shrimp ceviche for dinner using this recipe. Which was basically salsa with shrimp. And I loved it. Yeah. . . I think I might be addicted to salsa.

All I'll say about the recipe is when it said to soak the chopped up shrimp in lime juice for only 5 minutes until cooked, that was total bull. After waiting around for about an hour, I finally got impatient (or really, I just got really hungry) and nuked the freakin' shrimp for a minute. I probably ended up overcooking it, but oh well.

Onto the next conundrum. . . .

My company has "rewarded" everyone by allowing jeans days for the rest of the year. Which is great . . . . except I desperately need to do laundry and have NO clean jeans.

So. . . . .

Conundrum #2: What do you wear to work when it's jeans days, and everything's either too "business formal" or not work appropriate?

Well, in my case you wear this crazy getup.

 silk shirt: Urban Outfitters, skirt: Zara (also seen here), jacket: Romeo and Juliet Couture, purse: Deux Lux, boots: Top Shop

I got a lot of weird stares because of my super dirty boots.

This is what they look like clean.

And I'll admit, the faux leather jacket was probably a bit much for work. . . . but I JUST got it and it was super comfy. So oh well. I looked like a badass at work. I can think of worse things.

I <3 this tiny purse. It's super convenient and is big enough to hold just enough, including my phone, some cash and some Chap Stick. And because the studs are both gold and silver, it also matches EVERYTHING.

Officially an Old Fogey.

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Today, while staring at my computer at work, glassy eyed and bored, I get a text from my "baby" brother (he's 19).

Baby bro: I'm about to sit in on a meeting with MTVU!

My response: What's that?

I could just imagine my brother shaking his head at my cluelessness. I'm now the weird mom/older sister figure who tries to be "wid it" but thinks Bieber Fever is the new swine flu.

To make matters worse, the baby bro texted back: MTV University

Uhm, yeah, that doesn't really help. Googled it. . . . . still clueless. . . . . Wikipedia'd it. . . . a little less clueless, but nonetheless . . . .clueless.

Finally I asked The Boyfriend via our work IMs (yes, I work with The Boyfriend, but he works in a totally different department, so don't judge)

Here's our conversation:
The Boyfriend: Like the MTV for school thing?

yeah, why is it special?

The Boyfriend:
Geared toward college junk I dunno

Yeah. . . . Thanks for the clarification.