Birds and Gummy Bears

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Got home too late for sunny outdoor cheery pics, so asked The Boyfriend to take some artsy nighttime shots. He decided to wait until I was munching on gummy bears to get into photographer mode. Yay gummy bear teeth.


Last weekend I bought this ring from a vendor at Addison's Oktoberfest. I "had to have" it because it was so unique looking. Plus it kinda looked like a blue egg in a wire birds nest. I don't have a thing for birds, but something must've happened at Oktoberfest. I'm assuming it was the beer.

So I decided to show off my new ring today. I decided to go with the whole bird theme with these feather earrings that I always forget I own.

Today is day 2 of not having any clean jeans to wear, thus the cords. I should probably finish doing my laundry. . . .

peasant top: Zara, corduroy pants: J Crew, earrings: Forever 21, ring: MJM Jewelry, shoes: bought in Taiwan

I've had these slide on moccasins since high school (probably around 10 years). I bought them in Taiwan, and was so upset when the strap broke one night in college when I got a little. . . . inebriated with the ex. Stupid good for nothing ex, breaking my shoes and such. Good thing there are such things as shoe repairmen.

I've decided that having a job is unhealthy. Partially because I see so little sunlight that I'm turning into a vampire (and no, I don't read/watch the Twilight books/movies) but mostly because my tolerance for alcohol has gotten exponentially high lately, thanks to my 5 glasses of wine a day habit. Today, I decided to mix it up a bit, and chose gummy bears as my new vice. Of course once the 99 cent bag of gummy bears was gone, I may or may not have taken a beer out of the fridge. I didn't drink it though. Promise. The sun just evaporated all of the beer right out of the bottle. The sun that had already set by the time I came home from work. . . . . . . . .


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