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The Boyfriend just had his housewarming party (oh yeah, did I mention The Boyfriend bought a house?). I tried to be a domestic superwoman, so when the party guests asked if they could bring anything, I said, JUST YOURSELF!! And maybe some tortilla chips.

So. . . . EVERYONE brought tortilla chips. And even though there were 2 party dips, guac, and salsa, we still had 7 bags of tortilla chips leftover.

Conundrum #1: What do you do with 7 bags of tortilla chips?

Well, in our case, we spend days and days and days eating salsa. And then I decided to make shrimp ceviche for dinner using this recipe. Which was basically salsa with shrimp. And I loved it. Yeah. . . I think I might be addicted to salsa.

All I'll say about the recipe is when it said to soak the chopped up shrimp in lime juice for only 5 minutes until cooked, that was total bull. After waiting around for about an hour, I finally got impatient (or really, I just got really hungry) and nuked the freakin' shrimp for a minute. I probably ended up overcooking it, but oh well.

Onto the next conundrum. . . .

My company has "rewarded" everyone by allowing jeans days for the rest of the year. Which is great . . . . except I desperately need to do laundry and have NO clean jeans.

So. . . . .

Conundrum #2: What do you wear to work when it's jeans days, and everything's either too "business formal" or not work appropriate?

Well, in my case you wear this crazy getup.

 silk shirt: Urban Outfitters, skirt: Zara (also seen here), jacket: Romeo and Juliet Couture, purse: Deux Lux, boots: Top Shop

I got a lot of weird stares because of my super dirty boots.

This is what they look like clean.

And I'll admit, the faux leather jacket was probably a bit much for work. . . . but I JUST got it and it was super comfy. So oh well. I looked like a badass at work. I can think of worse things.

I <3 this tiny purse. It's super convenient and is big enough to hold just enough, including my phone, some cash and some Chap Stick. And because the studs are both gold and silver, it also matches EVERYTHING.


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