Reasons why my weekend rocked (and sucked)

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Why my weekend rocked:

~Had the time to brew a perfectly tasty cup o' joe

~Didn't have to follow a dress code (lace button down shirt from Forever 21, navy tank and skirt from Zara, sunglasses from Target, Wanted boots)
~Had fun showing off/wearing my fun and flowery sunglasses.

~Met up with The Boyfriend for lunch at J's Breakfast and Burger in Addison. (his unhealthy bacon cheese burger and fries, and my healthy, but still yummy, grilled chicken sandwich and fruit)

~Used a certificate for the first time ever (if you eat out as much as The Boyfriend and I, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this site. GO NOW!)

~Grabbed a late night beer (or two. . . . or three. . . or more. . . ) with The Boyfriend and some friends (Sorry, had too much fun to take a picture. . . . But I lurve me some Belgian beer. I'm a new fan of Blanche de Bruxelles)

Why my weekend sucked:

~Accidentally spilled coffee all over my favorite tank top and new white shirt during this little photo shoot. :/

~100+ degree Texas heat

~Had to go into work to put in some OT. Poo

~Accidentally shattered one of my nice wine glasses. (Was too pissed to take a picture of it)

~Had to study for an Excel based class that I'm miles (and miles and miles) behind in. Too bad Excel refused to respond for an hour.

So, all in all I had a pretty well rounded weekend, if I must say.


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