Summer Reading. . . . . or not.

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I don't have much time anymore to read for pleasure, though I still love going shopping for books. My father always encouraged us to read the classics, and every summer growing up we'd stock up on books to read while on summer break. To this day, the classics I read as a child are still some of my favorite reads.

So lately, I've been wanting to find some of my favorite books in leather bound covers, preferably with gold gilded edges so that I could both enjoy rereading my childhood favorites and use them as a way to add elegance to a bookcase or nightstand. And who doesn't like to SEEM elegant, even if they fart and scratch their butt when no one's looking?

A few months ago, I watched the movie The Jane Austen Book Club. Alright, alright, I mainly watched it because Hugh Dancy was not only in it, but he had a few scenes wearing biker shorts. **swoon** His father is a philosophy professor at UT Austin, which is my alma mater, so we are totally meant to be. Claire Danes better watch out.

Anyway, the only reason why I mention the movie is that Hugh Dancy's character joins this book club to hit on a woman he's interested in, so he buys a giant book with Jane Austen's 7 novels compiled together. And what would I happen to find in the sale section at Barnes and Noble, but a compiled book of Jane Austen's 7 novels in a leather bound book with gold gilded edges. And it was only $19.99. Pride and Prejudice is one of my FAVORITES, so I snatched it up.
Totally meant to be, I tell ya.

Reading this bad boy will be my first project after I graduate.


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