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Apologies for the lack of activity here! I've been stuck in the office, plus it's the final stretch of the summer semester. Though I miss having blog time, I really don't mind it. Why? Because I am officially DONE with school next week!!!!!! Whoooo!!!

So I'm not a huge nail polish girl, only because I have a really bad habit of picking at EVERYTHING, and chipped nail polish is the worst. I HAVE to have at it!! But this summer, apparently, has been the summer for super bright nail colors. I'm a sucker for colorful things so I decided to give it a try.
Imagine my excitement when I found MOOD nail polish!!! Claire's was having a "Buy One Get One Half Off" sale, so I bought a blue/purple and a peach/orange color.

I tried the peach/orange color first. Or, as Claire's labeled it, "bored/excited." While I was disappointed that the nail polish dried matte (the bottle said nothing of the sort and I haven't gotten on board with that trend), it was nothing a shiny topcoat couldn't fix. Another issue was that the nail polish dried SUPER fast, making it hard to get an even coat. But I have to admit, the actual colors were really pretty.
So this is how it works. When your body temperature is warmer, the nail polish turns peach, or "bored." 

Then when your body teperature becomes colder, it turns orange, or "excited."
 Too hot for me it to change naturally, so I "sped up the process" with ice. You can see the colors changing. Neato.

Of course, that means most of the time I'm "bored," since it's summertime in Texas, but I'm "excited" when I'm at work, since they always crank up the A/C. 

 Uhm, excited at work? Claire's has this backwards.


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