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In my last post, I talked about how I was sick. . . . the culprit? Bad eggs. Yup, if you've been paying attention to the news, half a billion eggs have been recalled for salmonella. . . . . 6 of those recalled eggs just so happened to be eggs that The Boyfriend and I ingested.  Yay salmonella. . . . . .

So the reason why I'm so happy it's Friday? No reason really, other than I didn't feel like crap today for the first time since Monday!!! Yay!!!
 White shirt and jeans from Ann Taylor, black vest and shoes from Taiwan, necklace from Urban Outfitters, tote bag from Boy Meets Girl, sunglasses from Forever 21

Oh yeah, I guess today also wasn't so bad because I didn't work overtime today. Unfortunately I took home plenty of work for the weekend. Oh well, at least I was able to carry around my work in my super cute Boy Meets Girl tote bag. Silver lining. . . . . silver lining. . . . .

So I guess in celebration (or more likely because The Boyfriend's family is coming into town any second now and I wanted to look "with it") I decided to wear my brand new cloth necklace I got from Urban Outfitters. I hadn't really gotten on board with the whole cloth necklace trend, only because I couldn't justify spending $20-$30 to tie shoestrings around your neck, but for some reason, this necklace spoke to me (i.e. I HAD to have it and I'm too proud to admit that I caved and accepted the trend).

To make the day even girlier, I went grocery shopping for no other reason that to buy flowers (and cream cheese . . . meh, we can forget that last part). I have always wanted to go shopping for flowers, but they always seemed too frivolous, especially in today's economic times. However, as I mentioned earlier, The Boyfriend's family is in town, so I figured now's as good a time as ever to get some.

I have come to the realization that I'm pretty bad about flower arrangements. And by bad, I mean horrible.  Even though it was fun buying the flowers, I think they look kinda lame after I cut them and put them in vases. Maybe I'm just being hyper critical.

Meh, they'll die in a few days anyway. . . . .



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