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I apologize for my lack of blogging . Last week I was busy with my LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL EVER and work. I thought with the extra time of not going to school the end of last week/beginning of this week, I would have more time to blog, however last week was kind of insane, plus this week I was fortunate enough to get either food poisoning or a stomach bug. blech. At least this means I'm not at work! Added bonus, now I can blog between bites of toast. Yay toast. . . .

So I guess I'll end this entry by posting pictures of some random reasons why I haven't been blogging lately.

Didn't feel like studying for finals, or going into work to put in some more overtime. . . . so I went shopping. Found this great jewelry tree stand.

After organizing my jewelry, got in an organization mood, so I organized my shoes too.
Had my favorite salad at Olivers and tried some of  The Boyfriend's sweet potato fries (this is NOT where I got food poisoning from! I ate there last weekend)

Went back home to Denton so I could drive to Houston to drop my brother off at college and help him move into his new dorm room.

Took my last final/wrote my last paper for school. Yayyyyy. . . .

Went to a Texas Rangers baseball game. We beat the Red Sox 10 to 9. Great Game!! Then we watched fireworks afterward.

Watched the clouds off the back of super shiny cars.

And finally, toast and diet Sierra Mist. Yay stomach bug. :P


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