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Just read an article on Yahoo about these bracelets that are so distracting, they're starting to ban them in elementary schools across the country.

Intrigued (distracting jewelry, of course I'd be intrigued), I looked them up.

So. . . . they're basically rubber bands that form shapes. So when you wear them around your wrists, they look like silly string. This is a craze?

Ok, I will admit, I kind of want the western bandz, but only because I'm from Texas and I went to the University of Texas, so anything that forms the shape of a longhorn automatically catches my attention, but. . . . . yeah, no, I just. . . . . I just can't.

Don't judge me.

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Is it sad that I want a 4 year old boy's outfit?

Sweet and Spicy

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Now that it's summertime, there's more and more sweet little dresses out. I've been dying to pair a sweet dress with some hard, edgy accessories. . . . . When I found these boots on Overstock, they got the creative juices flowing (Admittedly, I'm supposed to be reading an article for class right now, but who cares about globalization in business, right?)Now, how to make these more summer-y. . . . . .

Girly sun dress
And something to tie it all together. . . .

Denim Vest from I Heart Ronson (sold at JC Penny)
OR, to make it more fun, I'm kind of loving this fringe vest from Forever 21
To accessorize, maybe a wrap watch. La Mer has several different styles in several different colors. They're a little price-y if you're someone like me who wants to buy 5 of them (around $100) but they're definitely statement pieces. I'm sure people will notice!
Ta Da!! Girly rocker look done! I may have to go shopping for this outfit now. . . . . .