Proof that when I go home, I do actually do stuff with my siblings

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As a follow up to our last blog, I'm providing proof that my brothers and I don't just mope around at home when I go home and visit family.

We also eat!

 My brothers hate getting their pictures taken.
I'm really surprised we're not a heavier family. . . . I guess it IS fro yo.

Sibling Time

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I had been wanting to be good this Christmas season and blog while I had the time (i.e. was bored at the parents' house). Unfortunately since I'm a lazy bum, I didn't do anything blog-worthy. Not even on Christmas Eve. Sad, I know.

So I was just going to let another unblogged day pass by. Until. . . . .

I found these pics my baby brother took of me and my other bro.

Starting tomorrow I may jump rope or something. Or at least change out of my PJs.

Birthday post

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The 22nd was my 27th birthday. While it sucks having a birthday so close to Christmas, it's nice to take a day off work just because it's my birthday, and have all of your coworkers think you're actually taking off to see family. (Pah!)

Some things I did:
Received birthday cards from boyfriend's family:

Received birthday card from Boyfriend. . . . :/
 Made cake balls for Christmas presents

 Finished wrapping Christmas presents
Made breakfast for lunch
Had a birthday dinner with the cutest family ever
Received gifts from great friends:
Flowers from Super Cute Family
I casually mentioned to my friend one day that I've been meaning to buy some Buddhism books, since my 90% of my family are Buddhists and I don't really know that much about the religion. Lo and behold, my friend gets me Buddhism books for Christmas! Aren't my friends awesome/ironic.
Super excited about my DVF luggage

And finally. . . . . ate birthday cake with the fam

Pretty much the most productive birthday ever.