FANCY Date Night

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Sadly, I thought after graduating from grad school would mean I would have more time for ME. Unfortunately, it just means more time to work overtime. Thus I've basically been living in comfy work appropriate clothes and NO MAKEUP. This isn't because I feel like I don't need makeup, I just don't see the point.
Sorry for the sorority pose, but I think my arms don't look flabby for once! yay!!

Well, The Boyfriend broke the no makeup trend by taking me out, fancy style. It was Restaurant Week in Dallas, where many "higher end" restaurants in Dallas participate by creating Restaurant Week specific menus for a deal. We went to Stephan Pyles to take advantage of Restaurant Week, but as a sweet touch, The Boyfriend decided it was a perfect way to celebrate my graduating grad school.
We had already finished the appetizers before I realized I had a camera on me and started taking pictures of the awesome food.

My yummy cod entree and perfectly paired white wine:

 The Boyfriend's steak entree and his red wine pairing:
My chocolate tamale and port pairing:
 The Boyfriend's chocolate and banana mousse with white wine pairing:

Chocolates, compliments of the chef:
 I stacked two random rings together and I liked the way they looked:
Boyfriend and I at the bar:
If you're curious, dress from Marc New York by Andrew Marc, necklace from Charlotte Russe, purse from The Limited, earrings from Swarovski, both rings from James Avery and shoes (even though you can't see them) from this outfit
 The Boyfriend had a Pepper-Mint Julep with Jalapeno liqueur  
I had a cucumber martini while waiting for our table. SUPER refreshing and yummmmmm. I loved it so much we had to go back to the bar to order another one before we could leave. This is my new goal in life: Find this recipe!!!
Whatchoo lookin' at???


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