Officially an Old Fogey.

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Today, while staring at my computer at work, glassy eyed and bored, I get a text from my "baby" brother (he's 19).

Baby bro: I'm about to sit in on a meeting with MTVU!

My response: What's that?

I could just imagine my brother shaking his head at my cluelessness. I'm now the weird mom/older sister figure who tries to be "wid it" but thinks Bieber Fever is the new swine flu.

To make matters worse, the baby bro texted back: MTV University

Uhm, yeah, that doesn't really help. Googled it. . . . . still clueless. . . . . Wikipedia'd it. . . . a little less clueless, but nonetheless . . . .clueless.

Finally I asked The Boyfriend via our work IMs (yes, I work with The Boyfriend, but he works in a totally different department, so don't judge)

Here's our conversation:
The Boyfriend: Like the MTV for school thing?

yeah, why is it special?

The Boyfriend:
Geared toward college junk I dunno

Yeah. . . . Thanks for the clarification.


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