About Me

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Welcome to my blog!! My name is Rosalie and I created this blog to prove that just because the real world is not as glamorous as you'd hoped, there are ways to fake it to be!

Originally I created this blog because I enjoy fashion, and finding clothing at a discount, so I wanted to try my hand in discount fashion blogging. However, I found it to be a little taxing, since I am none too happy about my current body weight and thus felt self conscious taking pictures of myself. So I decided there were plenty of other reasons, other than fashion, as to why someone would want to be "sexy" in a city, without having to pay the price.

I am open to any suggestions. I don't pretend to be the most creative person, so if any ideas arise that you think I would enjoy, feel free to give me a holler.

I went to school at the University of Texas at Austin, where I lived 4 hours away from my parents, barely had to exercise to stay in shape and had a full social life. Then I graduated. 

Now at 26, I am living in Dallas in a roach infested 535 sq ft apartment, work in a cubicle all day, have to try everything on because I never know what fits, prefer flats to heels, live within driving distance of my parents, and spend my free time studying for grad school. I think it's pretty safe to say that my life after graduation ain't what I thought it'd be.

So. . . . I need SOMETHING to get me excited about the doldrums of my day. Enter Unsexy in the City. Hope it doesn't contribute to the doldrums of your day!