Valentines weekend

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I don't really get why single girls hate Valentines day. Ok ok, fine, really I do, but when I was single, I loved Valentines day. It's an excuse to eat chocolates, watch chick flicks, and buy whatever you want for yourself as a "Valentines day gift" to me. In fact, when I finally had a boyfriend on Valentines day for the first time (with The Boyfriend) my initial reaction was, oh crap, I have to buy a gift for someone other than myself.

So, this Valentine's is the 5th V-day we've had together. Except The Boyfriend decided to go to his cousin's 21st birthday party this weekend. . . . in Vegas. Which means I'm all alone on this Valentines weekend. . . . . .



(don't worry, the Boyfriend and I are still doing V-day. Just on ACTUAL V-day instead of the weekend before. Crazy, I know)

Cabin Fever

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 So, apparently I live in Canada. . . . NOT TEXAS!!!

Of course, the hilarious thing is that the news is more worried about how the super rich and/or famous out-of-towners will think of Dallas due to the Super Bowl being in town this week. . . . uhm. . . how 'bout you worry about how the super rich and/or famous out-of-towners WON'T run us Dallasites off the roads! We don't know how to drive on ice!

So, yesterday was the first day of Ice-ageddon, and originally I wasn't going to go into work because of this:
But then my boss guilted me into THINKING ABOUT going into the office. . . so I started to get ready, until I saw this:
Just for further illustration, here's The Boyfriend, sliding down the driveway to Bad Kids from the Black Lips

Of course, that video was taken right before he shoveled the driveway, so I will have to go into the office tomorrow, even though temperatures aren't supposed to be above freezing. 

Oh well. After 2 days of being stuck inside, I'll go anywhere, even work!