Valentines weekend

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I don't really get why single girls hate Valentines day. Ok ok, fine, really I do, but when I was single, I loved Valentines day. It's an excuse to eat chocolates, watch chick flicks, and buy whatever you want for yourself as a "Valentines day gift" to me. In fact, when I finally had a boyfriend on Valentines day for the first time (with The Boyfriend) my initial reaction was, oh crap, I have to buy a gift for someone other than myself.

So, this Valentine's is the 5th V-day we've had together. Except The Boyfriend decided to go to his cousin's 21st birthday party this weekend. . . . in Vegas. Which means I'm all alone on this Valentines weekend. . . . . .



(don't worry, the Boyfriend and I are still doing V-day. Just on ACTUAL V-day instead of the weekend before. Crazy, I know)


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