Draining Day

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 Boyfriend and I recently made a beer and wine run at a nearby liquor store. We left with a box full of stuff. We're not alcoholics at all.
The title says it all. I feel like taking a month long nap. I can't really go into specifics, but let's just say, I had one of those days where I was disappointed that I was spending my days in an office filled with cubicles instead of living my life doing something such as. . . . traveling the world.

So. . . . .

After work, I went to World Market and bought a bunch of snack foods and 2 bottles of wine. If you know me, I kind of go through stages.  Really they're not stages. . . . just different combinations that regard wine and some sort of food.

For example on days where I feel broke but still want to feel classy, I'll get drunk on boxed wine and satiate my pallet with some string cheese. Tres classy.

So what'd I get at World Market? Buncha crackers, $8 caviar, $2 fancy wine infused salami, ;$2 brie and again, 2 bottles of wine. Don't worry, I only bought the 2nd bottle because i wanted to try it. . . . on a night I'm NOT planning on getting obliterated.

I feel so cultured.


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