I'm broke . . . . BUT. . . .

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MMK, this picture is old and doesn't have anything to do with this blog post, but I think it's a pretty good representation of my attitude towards this topic. 

An example of life imitating art. Not my art, but still. . . someone other than myself's art.

I've been reading Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (I got a free copy of the book at Shecky's Girl's Night Out recently in Dallas). I haven't gotten very far, but the very beginning pretty much describes my life. The main character gets her credit card statement, opens it, realizes she's absolutely broke, tries to rationalize all of her recent purchases, finds a huge sale and buys a $200 scarf, and doesn't have enough money to pay her roommate back for rent.

Well, ok, maybe life doesn't imitate art EXACTLY, but I did get an email today, reminding myself that my credit card payment is due in 10 days. Reluctantly I looked at the statement amount and almost lost my lunch. I then tried to rationalize all of my purchases and made resolutions as to how I would start saving, and finally, I saw this blouse that I have to have. . . . but can't buy because I'M BROKE. Wah!
I'm so super tempted. . . especially now that I've made up my mind that I can't afford it. . . . this month. . . .

I've been working a lot of overtime lately. . . . . I kinda deserve it. . . . . . . . . .

Inspiration Peices

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I've been working A LOT lately, so I've been oh so tempted to buy everything on site just to remind myself that I have somewhere to wear it, use it, eat it, etc (i.e. that I MIGHT have a life). So I'm just going to put some of what I have/been tempted to buy, and my reasoning for spending the money (or potentially spending in the very near future)

1. Alisa Michelle - Love What You Do necklace - The message on this necklace makes it pretty obvious why I've been wanting this necklace, especially considering the hours I've been working. 
2. Essie Nail Polish - There's something about perfectly polished nails that make you feel a little bit girly and perfectly groomed, even if the feeling only lasts a day.
3. CW- X Ventilator tights - Since I've been so busy working, I've decided that when it comes to working out, I have to put my foot down. So even if I have to work all weekend long, I WILL carve out time to work out. The secret is, I've been working out with some girlfriends, so I'm killing 2 birds with one stone. Working out + girls nights out? Awesome. 
4. Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System - Because who doesn't like clear skin?
5. Divaderme Lash Extendor - I have your typical tiny Asian lashes, which almost always makes me look tired. Here's hoping this stuff makes me look wide awake and lashtastic!

Draining Day

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 Boyfriend and I recently made a beer and wine run at a nearby liquor store. We left with a box full of stuff. We're not alcoholics at all.
The title says it all. I feel like taking a month long nap. I can't really go into specifics, but let's just say, I had one of those days where I was disappointed that I was spending my days in an office filled with cubicles instead of living my life doing something such as. . . . traveling the world.

So. . . . .

After work, I went to World Market and bought a bunch of snack foods and 2 bottles of wine. If you know me, I kind of go through stages.  Really they're not stages. . . . just different combinations that regard wine and some sort of food.

For example on days where I feel broke but still want to feel classy, I'll get drunk on boxed wine and satiate my pallet with some string cheese. Tres classy.

So what'd I get at World Market? Buncha crackers, $8 caviar, $2 fancy wine infused salami, ;$2 brie and again, 2 bottles of wine. Don't worry, I only bought the 2nd bottle because i wanted to try it. . . . on a night I'm NOT planning on getting obliterated.

I feel so cultured.