My Perfect Day

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Deepest apologies for the extreme absense. I was all set to give up blogging for good, but I actually missed it. So I'm going to go into the new year with expectations set high and start over. For realz.
Old Denton county courthouse
Obviously I went back to my parents' over the break. I normally go back to Denton about once every other weekend, but I never really get to enjoy Denton. I always  just go and hang out with my family (i.e. sleep in my old room and be extremely lame). But since I have a young 20 year old brother who enjoys discovering new things, I actually ventured out more than I normally would have.By "ventured out" I always mean the square. The Denton square is by far my favorite place in Denton. Growing up it always had a small town-y feel, and I loved visiting the old opera house that was converted into a recycled book store. The book store is still there, but the small town-y feel is starting to go away. . . . which may not be a bad thing.
Ye old opera house/Recycled Books store
Books Books Books! (And ugly carpet)
Denton is currently going through a "resurgence" to become a smaller version of Austin. In other words, Denton's trying to be hippy, but since it's a conservative town, it just comes across as hipster. Oh well. At least they tried.
The obligatory hipster coffee shop complete with leaf-y milk design
Don't get me wrong. There were still PLENTY of antique stores and kitchy clothing stores that sell overpriced aprons, however they were all closed due to the holidays (What an old fashioned concept. Who's closed the day after Christmas?? psh). So I was free to roam the brand new hipster stores. My favorite was a candy store called Atomic Candies that had just recently opened. Inside had an old retro feel (complete with old jazz records playing), however a lot of the candy was hilarious and I couldn't help grabbing a few mints and gums that had worldy comments on them.
candies I should've bought because they sounded yummy, but didn't because I was distracted by all the funny candies in there. Who knew candy had a sense of humor?
If I'm ever hankerin' for some jelly beans, I now know where to go. . .
Because who doesn't need a card catalog full of Obama-mints?
or bacon flavored floss?
What I ended up coming home with
So here's to Denton and the new year! See you guys soon!


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