This will cut into my TV time!

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My family and friends must think I'm more creative/intellectual than I really am. I got a bunch of books over the holidays.
The Boyfriend's father is already asking me if I've devoured Steve Jobs biography. . . . Sadly I have yet to crack it open.
Actually, I take that back. My baby brother got me what looks like a trashy romance novel I can read whilst in the tub. He knows me pretty well.



my sister says the mindy kaling book is pretty funny...similarly written as bossypants. i love books! i love having a collection and i think there's something very nostalgic about reading/buying actual books in a time where it seems like everyone is getting kindles/nooks/etc.

hope you're doing well! glad to see you updating! can't wait to hang out in nola!



I actually just finished the Mindy Kaling book. It is hilarious. I highly recommend!!

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