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Originally when I started this blog, I had every intention of focusing solely on fashion. After all, I spend most of my free time wishing I could afford designer labels, so why not?

However, after starting this quest, I started perusing other fashion bloggers and realized several things. A) Most of the more successful fashion bloggers are skinny, leggy and gorgeous, B) Most of the more successful fashion bloggers worked on their blog full time, and C) Most fashion bloggers are hip and go to hip places and don't mind having their boyfriends/husbands take a multitude of adoring photos that look almost professional.

So. . . how does fashion blogging fit in my life? First of all, While I am not the type to go reaching for compliments, I am truthful enough to say that I'm a little on the squishy side, body type wise, and while my features aren't totally horrible, I am almost always running late in the mornings, and thus never do my hair or makeup, resulting in a not put together, sleepy look, which sadly does not fall under the category of gorgeous.

Secondly, I work in corporate America, complete with cubicles, kick-worthy printers and offices that turn the A/C up way too high. Thus most of the time I'm in cardigans and jackets covering what cute outfit I might be wearing anyway. Plus, since I sit at a desk all day long, the only time people see what shoes I'm wearing is when I'm walking back and forth from the printer. To make matters worse, I am a grad student, so I either go to class after work, or try to make my body less squishable by hitting the gym, which means I come home looking exhausted with rather wrinkly work clothes on, or I come home in workout clothes and sweaty. Both not good fodder for fashion blogging.

Finally, as the title of my blog says, I am unsexy. Which means I'm not hip, nor do I spend most of my days going to very hip places. Further, the few times I've let The Boyfriend take a picture of me, I felt very uncomfortable. Plus he has no idea how to use my fancy camera. Unless blurry is the new thing in photography. So I have to rely on my tripod to take pics in trendy places. . . . of myself. . . .which makes me even more uncomfortable.

So long story short, while I enjoy admiring fashion from afar, I had come to the conclusion that I may not ACTUALLY be very fashionable. :( Hence the small hiatus from the blogging world.

However, I must say, I really enjoy blogging and have started to miss it, SO I've decided to change the primary focus of my blog. From now on, I'm just gonna blog about whatever random thing I decide to blog about that day. Nothing about my personal life, just the random crap I think about that gets me through the day. So if anyone's reading, hope you don't mind the redirection!


Jaleesa Dorsey

It's so easy to get side track from your original goal when writing a blog but then I decided to split my blog topics up into different blogs. It works :)

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