date night

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Yesterday The Boyfriend took me to a country restaurant. Which is all nice and good, except . . . there goes my diet. I tried to be good!! I ate smoked chicken, instead of fries, and mostly veggies. . . . that were bathed in butter. Oh well, I tried.

A dieter's nightmare.
So the restaurant was in Carrollton square. It's a really cute tiny square in downtown Carrollton. I love it because it's a totally cute place in the middle of . . . . . seediness. Not necessarily ghetto-ness, but there's a lot of unkempt hispanic and asian restaurants and grocery stores, complete with a ton of construction and bars on the windows. Then, hidden in the middle of it all, is the town from Gilmore Girls. Very. Weird. But cool.

Toothpickin' it on the back of a pickup. . . .
There's a gazebo in downtown Carrollton?
white cardigan: Zara
pink lace dress: vintage from Volenska Vintage
Skirt under dress: Banana Republic
White tank: Target
Chuck Taylor wannabes: found in Taiwan
Belt: taken off a dress from Dillards (I bought that dress too, but that's another blog entry)
3 chain necklace: Forever 21


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