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Because of my expanding waist line, and the fact that I almost have to start shopping in the maternity section, despite my lack of bun, I decided to start training with a coworker who's trying to start up a personal training business on the side. A personal trainer who can calculate your pension benefits as well . . . . . interesting.

Anyway, I was seriously terrified because I HATE WORKING OUT. Once I went back to grad school, I wiped my hands clean of it and used the whole, "I'm too busy/stressed out to work out" excuse. Which means that I have not worked out for almost 2 years (not straight, I dabbled, but it never lasted more than 2 weeks per dabble).

Recently I decided my lack of working out wasn't such a great idea and reluctantly signed up with my overly eager coworker.

Surprise, surprise, my coworker/personal trainer told me I was way stronger than his other female clients. Okay, okay, I'm only one of 3 female clients, but one of them is the "unofficial" hottie of my office. Doesn't that mean anything???

'Course, now that means that I'm sweaty and my arms and legs feel like spaghetti, and all I want to wear is my pj's. So, forget a "what I wore" entry today. Then I have a ton of homework/defensive driving crap/catching up on my recorded shows that I need to do today, so no spending hours on the internet looking up fun outfits. A blog-less evening??? BOO!!
Never fear, my girlfriends always come to the rescue!

My friend Lindsay, who you may remember from another entry decided to prove to me that she's become less of a t-shirt and shorts/jeans kinda gal (hey, there's nothing wrong with t shirts and shorts/jeans) and emailed me this very cute outfit that she put together. I decided that it would be pretty boring if I ONLY blogged about MY personal style, because eventually, it would get kind of repetitive and boring, not to mention kind of narcissistic, so I'm gonna switch it up when I feel the need arises. Like now.

Isn't the background pretty (as well as the girl)? I can't wait to visit Lindsay in Australia this year.
Dress: ModCloth
Black Patent Belt: Steve Madden
Navy Tights: We Love Colors (I might have to get me a pair now cause of you Linds!)
Shoes: Lipstik by Windsor Smith
Necklace: Lia Sophia

I love how this is an outfit I probably would not have thought of, but it's totally fashionable. I love having so many friend who are equally fabulous, but completely different from each other!


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