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So, I'm already kind of freaking out because I have a ton of schoolwork to do this week, and I have to somehow find time before Saturday to buy a lingerie present for my friend's bachelorette party in Austin (where I'm going to be driving the 3.5 hours RIGHT AFTER my morning class. At least I'll be drinkin' later that night!!). Then of course we have the actual bachelorette weekend where I'm sure a ton of money will be spent.

Of course, it gets worse. . . .

Last night my mom told me that since my dad is going back to Taiwan on the 21st of this month (i.e. in 9 days), I should probably get some gifts for my family and give some cash to my grandparents, since I'm the oldest grandchild and the only one who has a job (my parents wasted no time to have kids, whereas my aunts and uncles took awhile). Which I should, since my family saves me a BUNCH of money every Christmas/birthdays by not living in America (aren't I a grateful little bitch?).

Only thing is. . . . I have both sets of grandparents, 7 aunts, 7 uncles, and 17 cousins. I already know that I have to give my grandparents cash (as a sign of respect), so that's probably $100-$200 already taken out of my "gifts for relatives" budget. Then if I only spend at most $10 on each family member, that's about $300 on gifts. So much for trying to save money this month!!!!!!

I need to just suck it up and start shopping.
So for my girl cousins (I have 12 girl cousins) I've decided to get this clutch wallet. I figured that this was probably a good gift, since all of my girl cousins are in their mid teens to early 20s. Taiwanese fashion is very different from American fashion, but I figured you can never go wrong with sequins, right? AND it's only $7.50. Whahoo!!Now, I have 5 boy cousins, and they range from 6 to late teens. That might be a little trickier. . . . Any suggestions??

For my aunts, some are really fashionable, and some are not, so I figured a scarf would work both ways? What do you guys think about this scarf from Target? It's a little over my $10 budget ($14.99), but I saved some money from the clutches and there's only 7 aunts (vs 12 girl cousins) so hopefully it'll cancel each other out?

Now, if I could afford it, I would totally have gotten my uncles this money clip. Obviously at $35 a pop I can't afford it, but I thought one of you guys might find it usable as a gift if you're not buying gifts in mass, like me.
I have no idea what to get my uncles otherwise. All of my uncles are pretty conservative and I can't find any money clips that are less than $10 and don't have sports memorabilia!! (seriously doubt my uncles from Taiwan know who the Cowboys are, or how to even play football) You'd think it would be easier to find a glorified paperclip!

Opinions? Suggestions? Leave a comment and let me know!


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