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I had work all day, and then class all night, so I wasn't planning on blogging at 10 at night, but . . .

Oh, what the hell.

Nothing special about my outfit, other than stripes are awesome. And I was too lazy this morning to put in my contacts.
I went back to the parents' place over the weekend to find this top waiting for me from my momma. She had raided a sale at Dillards (I believe). It's fun having a shopaholic mom.

My favorite part of this top is that the stripes go diagonal around the tummy area. Cause I have a tummy that I'm not that so proud of. Horizontal stripes = BAD!
I am goofy.
My favorite part of my outfit? My Rosalie necklace, duh.
Top: Kenneth Cole (Bought at Dillards? Macy's? One of those)
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Don't remember :(
Hoop Earrings: Forever 21
Glasses: Taiwan
Necklace: Gift from my friend Jade!


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