Jeg. . . . what????

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Last year, I started receiving a catalog from a clothing store (name currently has left my brain). While flipping through, I noticed that they had denim leggings. At the time, I thought that this store had just taking the legging trend to an unseen level of ridiculousness, and tossed the catalog.

Then the other day I was on New York and Co and noticed that they had a jean in the legging section. What?!! I was so confused, especially since the jean/leggings had a fly and everything.

Seriously, do these look like leggings?!!

However, instead of looking into this some more, I just let it drop.

Then today I notice the term "jeggings" somewhere. With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I Googled "Jeggings" and yes. . . . . there is now a word for Jeans that are also leggings. The even worse part. . . . . They're being sold everywhere now, even Macy's! The even worse-er part. . . . I kind of want a pair.

But seriously, some of them are pretty cute! You know, as long as you hide the elastic waist band.

From Overstock:

From Thread Sense:

Anyway, I could go on and show millions of pictures of "jeggings" but you get the point.

So the moral of the story is that women everywhere no longer need to stay skinny to fit into our "skinny jeans." We can just wear "jeggings" and enjoy our elastic waistbands. Wha hoo!!



I just love the idea of stretchy jeans! Still to this day my favourite kind of jeans and have been hard to find till now...except...Im not so happy about the whole....tight all the way down the leg thing...but then that could have something to do with my youthful physic fading a bit... sigh...

Great site I just LOVE the idea of this blog and totally want to promote it. Bargain Sistas unite!!


I loved this post! Great!

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