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So school starts again this week (boo). I don't have class until tomorrow, but I'm at school right now anyway because my professors decided to give a crapload of reading/homework before the first day of class. What is up with that?! Anyway, even though I'm at school trying to get stuff done, I'm just gonna procrastinate just a tad longer!

Not too long ago, one of my besties, Lindsay, sent me a link to a dress that she really liked. It was a plain dress, but the thing that set it apart was that the dress was in a hounds-tooth print. Totally cute, but, a little on the basic side. We were brainstorming on how to "dress" the dress up.So, here's the dress. It's from and unfortunately it is out of stock :( Modcloth has so many cute dresses though that I'm sure you can find another dress that's just as cute as this one.Now, like I said, this dress is pretty basic. But if you put some fun colored tights with those? Not so basic anymore! I am personally becoming a fan of footless tights. Here's a pair of PURPLE footless tights for $17.95 (including shipping).I should also add that my friend is currently living in Australia, so fall is coming her way. A classic jacket that you can wear, regardless of the season, is blazers. I found this tres cool blazer at Free People on sale for $49.95. It even comes with studded pockets!! For this outfit, I would either choose a white or black blazer, to bring out the pattern in the dress. Black is usually more traditional, so if you want to stand out, I would go with white.Now to the shoes. Basically any black shoe would work. If you're going for casual, then flats would work like these from Express for $17.70.

If you want to be less casual, these pumps in black would also work

Ok fine. I only put those shoes on here because I just bought them today, but look how cute!! I found them for another friend because she needed black shoes to wear with her bridesmaid dress and she got them in the mail yesterday, and loves them, so of course I bought the purple ones right away.

ANYWAY, I digress. . . . .

If I were my friend Lindsay, I would totally go for something like these booties in black. They're kind of expensive, but they're sooooo cute. Plus the slouchy-ness brings attention to how skinny and fab your legs are.Ok. Finally for the finishing touches.

Since there's so much going on with this outfit, the only jewelry I would put with it is a long silver necklace with a big, but not too obvious pendant, like this one from Sweetie Pie Jewelry.

Now, you don't HAVE to have a hat, but lets just do it for fun. For my friend Lindsay, who's stuck in fall weather, I would suggest a knit beret like this one from Metropark.
For those of us in America who are dressing more springtime-y, I am totally loving this hat from Urban Outfitters for $28
AND finally, since school's started again (bye bye spring break) how about a nice messenger bag. Because even if you're not in school, who doesn't need a big bag?


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