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Recently I've been hearing a lot of buzz about NYX matte lipsticks. I'm not much of a makeup person, but lately I've been trying to put more effort. Then I saw someone wearing a crazy shade of lavender lipstick that looked really cool, and I told myself I needed to branch out of my usual (chapstick).

So I found a website (Cherry Culture, link on the side of my blog) that sold these babies for a buck and some change. I think you get free shipping if you order so much money, so if you want order a bunch with a friend and split the cost. I kind of went crazy and bought 5 different shades: Thalia, Medusa, B52, Tea Rose, and Snow White. A warning: The color swatches online are REALLY bad. Why do you think I bought so many colors?!Here they are in the above order.

So, of course I tried them out in that order. I guess I should say that my complexion is on the tanner side, so keep that in mind. Also, excuse my nasty lips.

First is Thalia:
This color was just slightly lighter than my natural lip color (kind of a pinky taupe-y color). It looked very "me but better" so I'm a fan!

Next was Medusa:
You can't really tell in the picture, but all I can say is DRAMA!!! This was a dark purple color. I definitely can't wear this too often, and my first reaction was WHOA! GOTH!! But after the inital shock went away, it's not so bad. I would definitely need the right outfit.

Next in line was B52:
This shade was just darker than my natural color, and had the same effect as Thalia: Me but better. Another fan.

Next is Tea Rose:
This color is pink! But not too pink. It's probably the lightest pale pink color that I can wear with my skin tone. Any lighter and I'd look like that woman from "There's something about Mary." But seriously, I'm a fan. This is definitely a summer shade!

And finally Snow White:

Can we say RED?! But more like circa 50's - 60's red, not like porn star red. I will definitely be wearing this when I'm feeling a little retro.

So anyway, I didn't really get to try these out all day, so I can't really attest to how long lasting they are, but they did apply very smoothly, and the color pigments really stand out! I can't wait to experiment with these some more!


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